Hello, my name is
Andrew James Okpainmo
I am a frontend web developer with an eye for design, and an interest in solving challenging tasks.
About Me
Passion for technology, and a great fascination over the power of programming, are two reasons why I landed in web development.

I am a front end web developer, a start-up enthusiast, a super productive introvert, and a gifted writer. I share my technical expertice, by writing articles on my Hashnode blog.
I am a big fan of hardwork, and I love God a lot.

I am passionate about my career growth in tech, and hence I continue to remain an avid learner just so I can keep up.

I have some experience working with clients, and leading a number of small development teams, hence I've been able to develop some very important leaderships traits and some necessary softskills.
Leading teams have helped me a lot by adding to my current arsenal of softskills. It has enabled me to taste the life of a developer from both the leading and followership end. Hence has made me better.

For now, I Build web products to cutting edge standards with different web development tools.
I have an eye for design, and whenever I build, I do so with a strong interest in obtaining high pixel-perfection levels and superb responsiveness.

Some web development technologies that I use or am familiar with include: HTML, CSS, SCSS, React Js, Next Js, Redux-toolkit, Firebase, Gulp Js, Bootstrap, tailwind CSS, Git and Github, Vanilla Javascript and Jquery. I also use ESlint, Husky, commit-lint and prettier for efficient workflow management during development.

I use Netlify and Vercel for hosting projects during development to make the development process to be more seamless and properly monitored.

Even though I am not a fan of building clones, I love building side projects a lot. You will most likely find me building a side project whenever am not learning something new or working on a client project.

I love building real life side projects that can generate a user base and of course, some cash.

I've worked on some cool projects like The TRH organizational website/blog(still in progress), The sales/marketing website of the Chabod project, the Chabod project, and other client projects which I would not want to list out here.

I am current knee-deep in building tilo. Tilo for me, is the best side project that I've ever worked on. It's a super-amazing crypto app that will help crypto traders do their trade with more comfort and ease. It's built on NextJs, with tailwind CSS for styling.
I plan to use Redux toolkit for state management, and Firebase for backend data management.

Thanks so much for checking into my site today.

I am currently open to jobs, and I'll be glad to work with you on any front-end web project. Please check my contact details below.

You can also use the contact form below. It's configured to send me an email alert once filled out and submitted.

Ungwan Doma, Gonin-Gora
Kaduna, Nigeria
+234 81 8976 4364,
+234 70 8721 2060
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